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"Why I chose the University of Dallas"



"I chose UD because ... "

Emily Caples | Volleyball | Walnut Creek, Calif. | Class of 2015:

"... of its small class sizes and rigorous education. I wanted a school that would challenge me, but wasn't so big I would get lost. I wanted a place where volleyball would be competitive, but not take over my entire college life!"

Taylor Garcia | Softball | Pflugerville, Texas | Class of 2015:

"... of the people, the family I've found here helping me on my path. Being an athlete at UD sets you apart because more is expected of you than anywhere else."

Emily Madden | Women's Basketball | Torrington, Wyo. | Class of 2015:

"... of the core curriculum and the reputation UD has gained in the world of higher education."

Kym Malone | Men's Basketball | Richardson, Texas | Class of 2015:

"... I connected with the team and the staff has a good relationship with all of use. UD also is one of the top schools in the nation. Small school, but close enough to everything you're never bored."

Colleen Slattery | Women's Cross Country / Track & Field | Middle Ridge, Wis. | Class of 2015: 

"... of the challenge the classes could give me in order to expand my horizons. I wanted to be at a place where I could be competitive, but also could find the sense of team and friendship that I enjoyed in high school."

Frank Sporleder | Men's Lacrosse | El Cajon, Calif. | Class of 2015:

"... being Catholic, my faith is very important to me. UD provides critical thinking skills that will help you beyond the classroom in the real world."

Matt Wise | Men's Soccer | Portland, Ore. | Class of 2015: 

"... it offers everything I'm interested in. A strong academic profile with an amazing Biology program, an opportunity to study abroad, and a chance to compete for a conference championship all brought me to UD."

Aaron Wyatt | Men's Basketball | Frisco, Texas | Class of 2015:

"... the education is unbelievable! It pushes you, but you will come out a lot better for it. Also, the team was building and I felt like I could be a piece to help the program succeed."

Matt Barber | Men's Cross Country/Track & Field | Fort Worth, Texas | Class of 2014:

"... it's a great value for the notable academic prestige, especially in the fields of study I was looking for. I wanted the opportunity to continue to compete, and UD gave me the tools to do just that."

Brigid Hasson | Women's Soccer | Fairfax, Va. | Class of 2014:

"... the students are taught to reason independently and articulate ideas effectively, while simultaneously pursuing championships at the collegiate level. These two aspects of UD combine to equip me with the tools to pursue excellence wherever I go." 

Mary Jones | Women's Cross Country / Track & Field | Oneida, Wis. | Class of 2014:

"... of the small class sizes. I knew that the intimate classroom environment would allow me to interact with both my classmates and professors in a way that large universities do not."

Marcos Martinez | Men's Golf | The Woodlands, Texas | Class of 2014:

"... I saw it as a place where not only my studies and faith had the potential to grow tremendously, but my golf game as well. UD has allowed me to improve my golf game, while not forgetting to challenge my intellectual abilities and apply them to life and golf as well."

Nico Caluda | Baseball | New Orleans, La. | Class of 2013:

"... I wanted to go to a college that would develop my mind, body, and soul to their fullest potential and teach me how to use them together in harmony. I found that at UD."

Clinton Heyer | Men's Cross Country/Track & Field | Waterford, Wis. | Class of 2013: 

"... of their outstanding acceptance rate into medical schools. UD has also offered me the chance to lead and break a few school records while I continue my competitive running career without distracting from my academic goals."

Mary Salotto | Women's Lacrosse | Salt Lake City, Utah | Class of 2013: 

"... I wanted to play lacrosse, while getting an amazing education. The Psychology program is unique and challenging, which piqued my interest."