"Why I chose the University of Dallas"

"I chose UD because ..."

Tom Kaiser | Men's Basketball | Nashville, Tennessee | Class of 2017:

"... The school offered a rigorous but rewarding academic experience in a vibrant location while also allowing me to pursue my dream of playing basketball collegiately."

Stephanie Cervantes | Softball | Temecula, California | Class of 2019:

"... It has blessed with many opportunities for me to grow in the classroom, on the field, and in my faith."

Joshua McClendon | Men's Lacrosse | Redondo Beach, California | Class of 2018:

"... I had heard nothing but wondrous things about the English program here, and because it is one of only two schools in all of Texas with an NCAA sponsored lacrosse team."

Sydney Stirling | Women's Soccer | McLean, Virginia | Class of 2018:

"...I did not choose UD. The University chose me. I did not know a ton about the school until I visited, and that is when I fell in love with the liberal arts curriculum, biology program, and the women's soccer team. I now know that everything happens for a reason. UD is my home now."

Sarah Hughes | Volleyball | Houston, Texas | Class of 2019:

"... I wanted to be at a school where I was pushed academically. The classes are challenging but interesting and very rewarding. I also wanted to be able to play volleyball competitively and still be able to focus on my studies, which the program at UD allows me to do."

Trae Hampton | Men's Soccer | Paducah, Kentucky | Class of 2018:

"... It gives me the chance to be a true student-athlete, where I'm able to not only play sports but experience college as well. Also, the Rome Program was a major factor in my decision, as no other school on my list had anything like it.

Julia Shinkle | Women's Lacrosse | Ewing, New Jersey | Class of 2018: 

"... The sense of community I felt immediately upon stepping on campus, and because of it's academic prestige, especially in the Biology department. I also found the Rome Program extremely impressive, and knowing that I'd be able to study abroad as an athlete was a major plus." 

Mariana Burciaga | Women's Soccer | Forney, Texas | Class of 2019:

"... I felt like the school and the athletic program was going impact me better than any school and I could impact it." 

Mark Peterson | Baseball | Cincinnati, Ohio | Class of 2019: 

"... The camaraderie that exists not only on the baseball field, but also throughout the entire campus.  Also, as a business major it feels like the world is in the palm of your hand with one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas right in our backyard."

Mary Scholz | Volleyball | Fallon, Nevada | Class of 2018: 

"... I knew I would be challenged in the classroom and still be able to play the sport I love, all while growing in my Catholic faith. The support system at UD is amazing and I always know I have people to talk to. I am going into my junior year and I am still happy with my decision to come to Dallas." 

Solomon Berezin | Men's Basketball | League City, Texas | Class of 2018:

"... I get to continue improving at the game of basketball as well as be surrounded by a great student, faculty environment. Though a small school, the University of Dallas is academically well-known and has many enjoyable activities. It is a fun four years, but most importantly will prepare you for the long life after college."

Sammi Tso | Women's Basketball | Las Vegas, Nevada | Class of 2017:

"... It has been proven to have great academics that would benefit me upon graduation, and I was able to continue playing basketball at the next level." 

Tyler Smith | Men's Lacrosse | Snoqualmie, WA | Class of 2019:

"... I was looking for a school that would challenge me academically and would set me on the right path to reach my career goals. The small campus, the ability to compete in NCAA lacrosse, as well as the strength of the Biology department made UD an easy choice for me."

Alexandria Compte | Softball | Houston, Texas | Class of 2017:

"... It offered a small campus and class sizes but still has a fun atmosphere. Everyone on campus knows each other and it just feels like home!"

Ryan Hammonds | Baseball | Cedar Hill, Texas | Class of 2017:

"... The opportunity I am given to play baseball at the university level while still furthering my academics at a college with a lot of academic prestige."