"Why I chose the University of Dallas"

"I chose UD because ..."

Dustin Mathis | Men's Basketball | Fort Worth, Texas | Class of 2021:

"...  I’ve grown to have that home away from home vibe. This school is my extended family.“

Lexi Tocci | Women's Soccer | Houston, Texas | Class of 2021:

"... It allows me to continue playing the sport that I love, while allowing me to grow academically, spiritually, and socially."

Andrew Maal | Men's Cross Country | Pueblo, Colorado | Class of 2020:

"... It was a small school and because of that I could experience the catholic community and pursue my academics in a more tight-knit community.” 

Krystyn Pua | Volleyball | Escondido, California | Class of 2020:

"... For the small school atmosphere, the 4+1 business program and to play volleyball while still focusing on school."

Nicolas Hovde | Baseball | Waco, Texas | Class of 2020: 

"... Deciding to come to UD is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Being able to interact with my coaches and teachers while fostering personal relationships with them has enabled me the ability succeed here, which I know will benefit my career.”

Vanessa Diaz| Women's Basketball | San Antonio, Texas | Class of 2020:

"... Of the small campus. When I first visited the campus I liked that it wouldn't take me any more than 6 minutes to get from point A to point B. In addition, my classes would be small and that was something I was looking for in a University. I was also given the opportunity to continue to play the sport that I love, which was an offer I couldn't refuse."

May Lien Le | Women's Soccer | Katy, Texas | Class of 2022: 

"... The atmosphere that the community has and I knew there was going to be a lot of great people here."

Joseph Vondrachek | Baseball | North St. Paul, Minnesota | Class of 2021:

"... Offered me a top-tier Catholic education and the opportunity to play for a well-coached program in one of the best conferences in Division III Baseball. 

Dayjah Whyte | Volleyball | Round Rock, Texas | Class of 2022:

"... They were one of the top 10 schools in Texas. I also chose UD, because it would allow me to focus on school as well as compete in sports."

Chima Ogueri | Men's Soccer | Garland, Texas | Class of 2020:

"... I have the ability to have a tight group of friends and still play the sport that I love." 

Anna Wilgenbusch | Women's Cross Country/Track & Field | St. Paul, Minnesota | Class of 2022:

"... It offers rigorous academics within an environment that fosters my Catholic faith, all while providing for competitive athletics. I really appreciate that UD is a division III school, which allows for student-athletes to play for the pure love of the sport."